How Do I Find My Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreement Number

Volume activation offers two different models to complement volume activations: Key Management Service (KMS) and Multiple Activation Key (MAK). KMS allows organizations to activate systems within their own network. MAK activates systems only once using Microsoft`s hosted activation services. Customers can use one or both activation methods in their environment. The type of key entered in the product determines the activation method. There is a third model to complete volume activation, called Active Directory-based Activation. For more information, see Active Directory-based Activation Overview. So I needed the S12345455, etc., and the server ID generated by the server and the license wizard. As soon as I got the right number, it was two minutes.

Go to the fake MS phone number and the term F*** without suspecting it by 8 transmissions comes to mind. If I had someone who had clear English and could have coached me, because I was obviously wrong. It would have been nicer. Note for Microsoft Volume Customers: You can find your volume license keys in the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). The keys are assigned to your organization and are for exclusive use. You may be held responsible for unauthorized use of VKKs issued under your agreement, so make sure you keep your keys safe and do not pass them on to unauthorized persons. If you are using the VLSC, you should check and update the user`s permissions regularly. Volume License Keys (VLK), including MAK and KMS, are issued under a specific license agreement and allow your organization to use the software you have licensed. Run the KMS host on a Windows 7 Volume Edition-based computer. Instructions for using the VLSC can be found by clicking Help in the VLSC menu bar and then clicking on the name of the FAQ that relates to your question. VLSC Help is also available if you are not logged in.

Your mileage may vary – my license documents always come from my customer and I from my distributor as appendices .rtf with the Microsoft certificate. I also receive an email directly from Microsoft, which lists the contract number and actually only says that I had access to the information/keys through the VLSC portal, since I was the reseller of the records. Each donation request is assigned by Microsoft a license number and an authorization number (also known as an agreement number). These numbers are used to identify your request and may be required to perform certain actions on the VLSC…

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