Hsbcnet Customer Agreement

6 Section 4 Hang Seng HSBCnet Terms 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 The customer wishes to use and receive certain services from the bank via Hang Seng HSBCnet, and the bank is ready to make these services available to the customer. 1.2 The customer and the bank agree that these services are provided to the Customer and used by the Customer subject to the terms of this Agreement. 1.3 In this agreement, the following terms and conditions have the meaning assigned to them as described below: Contractual Bank (even us, our) customer (also, you, your, your, your customer connection Customer Instruction This agreement, the terms and conditions, the schedules, all additional conditions for the provision of the services made available to you in writing and security procedures that can be changed from time to time in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. The bank that, in this agreement, is mentioned in the Principal Bank and Governing Law section. The customer who is mentioned in the section of this contract with the title Customer Details. A. The client`s associated businesses mentioned in an agreement reached through the customer partner or, in accordance with the section of this agreement, Customer Associate Schedule, are defined below. or b. the person mentioned in a (individual) letter of authority associated with a client. Any consultation, request, instruction or communication that will be obtained from the bank via the Hang Seng HSBCnet. The Electronic Banking System of Hang Seng HSBCnet HSBC Group, described in a calendar of this Agreement and which we may authorize from time to time according to the schedule and other terms of this agreement HSBC Group Institution Materials Security Procedures Services Services Terms of use of HSBC Holdings plc software and its subsidiaries and associated companies as well as their branches. A.

Each member of the HSBC Group (except the bank); and b) any third-party financial institution that the customer has disclosed to the bank. All content, tools or other materials (except software) that are available to you. Facilities and procedures for monitoring the operation of the Seng HSBCnet Slope and services in accordance with this agreement. All electronic banking transactions or related services provided via the Hang Seng HSBCnet and the ancillary services we offer, obtain or provide from time to time, as described in this Agreement. All the software we provide for use in conjunction with the Hang Seng HSBCnet. The terms and conditions stipulated in the section of this contract with the terms and conditions of sale. User (s) Only for the use of the bank: CNHASEGHC Customer ID Each of your employees, agents and any other person authorized by the customer who are mandated from time to time to use the Hang Seng HSBCnet in accordance with this agreement. 1.4 In this agreement, references to the singular refer to the plural and vice versa, and the titles of clause are included only for reasons of convenience and have no influence on their interpretation.

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