India And Bhutan Have Agreement On Which Two Issues

whose extradition may be necessary by virtue of an agreement or understanding concluded by the Government of India with the aforementioned power, accused of one of the crimes appearing on the first list of Act XV of 1903. Who can take refuge in the area under the jurisdiction of the Government of Bhutan. as well as all Bhutanese subjects who, after committing one of the crimes mentioned on Indian territory, must flee to Bhutan. proof of their guilt is sufficient in the district court of the district where the offence may have been committed. The Government of India, on the one hand, and His Highness the Government of Druk Gyalpo, on the other, equally driven by the desire to settle the denunciation of the authority of the British Government in India in a friendly manner and on a solid and lasting basis. to promote and maintain friendly and neighbourly relations, so necessary for the well-being of their peoples. have decided to conclude the following contract and have appointed their representatives for this purpose. The Indian Government and the Government of Bhutan agree that Bhutanese subjects living in Indian territories have the same justice as Indian subjects and indian subjects residing in Bhutan have the same justice as subjects of the Government of Bhutan. During this period, India`s economic, military and development assistance to Bhutan was significantly increased, which had also launched a modernization program to strengthen its security. .

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