Separation Agreement Adultery

I left my husband in June 2011 for violence. We have been married for 5 years and lived together for a year before getting married. We bought 3 properties over the years, but he put them under his name with the excuse that I was a full-time student and wasn`t working and wasn`t able to add myself to the mortgages. A year later, we had a little girl, and soon after, she became so controlling and violent. We have been living together for five years and we have been separated for 3 years, but we are still married. A month after his separation, he moved in with his girlfriend and two children from previous relationships. I had a professional order on 1 of the property, no harassment order against him and cadastre for the property I returned to. I worked in three places, helping friends with their children just to get money for bills and put food on our table. I felt so sad and helpless with the little one, but I didn`t give up. The divorce petition was filed in court in November 2011. Recently, he found out that I was seriously in love with a man who could lead to a marriage, he started threatening me with divorce, that I would put our only daughter at risk in my new relationship, so he will ask for a trial order to kidnap my daughter. .

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