Stanford Dhhs Rate Agreement

The salaries of doctoral students with an assistance service are calculated using a grade assistance rate offering a health insurance subsidy. The wages of temporary workers and people working less than half a day are calculated at the employment rate (casual/temporary). Post-docs are charged at the postdoctoral scholars rate. All other employees are billed at the standard pension rate for workers. Each rate is calculated by developing a pool of ancillary costs (meters) and a salary base (denominator). The pool consists of costs for services provided to a specific category of employees. If the pool is divided by the base applicable to that category of employees, a sentence is resulting; This rate represents the percentage to be added to the salary and salary of employees. Projects of this size, partly carried out off-campus, are not split between their on-campus and off-campus components for R&A purposes. If 50% or more of the project`s MTDCs are to be spent on campus, the entire M&A project will be charged on campus.

If it is established that more than 50% of the MTDC is located off campus, the R&A rate is charged to the entire project off campus. . . .

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