Term Of Agreement Sample Clause

It may be useful for the parties to set out the context of the Locum Lawyer agreement. [Name of contract company/lawyer] may at any time terminate the agreement by sending locum [the lawyer] written notice of [insert number of days or weeks] in writing to Locum or by replacing it without further commitment or compensation. The effect of the termination clearly shows the impact of the termination of the agreement on the obligations of each party and how the documents and documents that have been shared should be returned at the end of the agreement. As a general rule, the end of the contract terminates all the obligations of the parties. However, it should not excuse the obligation of one Party to make payments that have not yet been made to the other Party at the end of the Agreement. This is described in detail in the “Effect of Termination” clause. Perhaps you would also like to outline the approach and preferences of the contract firm/lawyer in handling the client`s business and/or files, for example the referral of client calls within the 24 hours that lawyer Locum should maintain. If so, this should be reflected in the agreement in order to avoid any misunderstanding. Does it end automatically at the end of the term, subject to a written extension by mutual agreement? Who are the parties (for example. B lawyers, law firms or professional societies)? The contract company /lawyer may want the locum lawyer to devote for the duration full-time and attention to the contract firm / Lawyer`s practice, so that the locum lawyer has no competing obligations. If so, this requirement should be defined in the agreement. The agreement of the locum [lawyer] applies to a fixed term beginning on [date] (the start date) and automatically ending on [date] (the “end date”), unless it is terminated earlier in accordance with the provisions mentioned below [see termination provisions referred to in point or paragraph] or extended by mutual written agreement.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is a prerequisite for early termination by the Locum [lawyer] that [he or she] is responsible for the orderly transfer of the client`s files to a returning lawyer acceptable to both parties [consider appointing a person or listing the minimum qualifications that a lawyer must have in the back-up]. The contract company/lawyer may wish to protect itself against the demand of its employees. The locum lawyer may agree not to ask the employees of the company/lawyer to leave the employment of the contract company/lawyer to work with the locum lawyer for a reasonable period of time after the locum lawyer`s term. Other confidential information. In combination with any other confidential information, the commitments of this Agreement shall commence on the date of entry into force and shall continue for a period of [commitment period]. Under what conditions can one of the parties terminate the relationship? Annulment of the reasoned opinion. To the extent that the covered entity is aware that a counterparty is in breach of a provision of this Agreement, the covered entity shall offer the counterparty the opportunity to cure or terminate the infringement. The covered entity may terminate the agreement if the counterparty does not assist or terminate the infringement within the period specified by the covered entity. Initial deadline. This Agreement shall commence on [Date of Entry into Force / [DATE, MONTH]] and shall continue for [months] if it is not terminated earlier (the “Initial Term”).

The scope of the work and tasks for which Locum`s lawyer will be responsible will be an important topic of discussion. This information should be recorded in the agreement and/or attached to it. . . .

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