Ucla Affiliation Agreement

The Business Contracts Matrix sheds light on the differences between a sales and service contract and an income contract (Business Contract). The presidential authority to execute membership agreements, with the exception of agreements involving direct financial obligations of the university or previously unin approved programs, has been delegated to the clerk, followed by a handover to the registrar: if changes are made to the standard membership agreement approved by UCLA, the process for reviewing and approving the membership agreement is as follows: Affiliation Agreement is a legally binding agreement between UCLA and a foreign organization that provides a framework for the provision of education, training, or clinical experience that is an integral part of a particular degree or course objective and is not available at the home institution. See also UCLA 970. • Please contact the coordinator of the faculty of agreement directly or agreements@international.ucla.edu by e-mail if you would like more information about a particular agreement. The faculty member or lead administrator proposing an agreement shall appoint a coordinator or act as coordinator in order to facilitate the process of revision and approval of the proposed international agreement, as described in this Directive. agreements that include a program obligation that is not previously approved; • Activities that may include expenses such as equipment or vehicle purchases, long-term housing, overseas rentals, overseas trips of more than 90 days, UCLA salary obligations, or other financial obligations that may have tax or regulatory consequences should be reviewed by the UCLA Office of Corporate Financial Services. Please contact Michael Williams at michaelwilliams@finance.ucla.edu. It is not uncommon for a visitor to arrive on campus “in hand” with a standard agreement from their institution. We recommend that deans and others do not sign documents not approved by UCLA without first consulting the International Institute and UCLA Legal Counsel for verification. While there doesn`t appear to be any real difference between the two documents, the UCLA presentation has been verified by various campus departments and campus counsel and contains approved terms. If the other party insists on using their institution`s document, it will likely delay the signing process (due to the time it would take to update another institution`s form to include the necessary conditions for Campus Counsel and other departments). .

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