Unsw Material Transfer Agreement

Our MTA web is an automated system that facilitates the rapid exchange of scientific research materials while protecting the Institute`s strategic business rights. To protect the rights of Garvan and Institute scientists, we use a material transfer agreement (MTA) to establish Ts and Cs for the exchange of research materials with academic staff. For more information or advice, please contact us. We help our researchers facilitate academic cooperation and new partnerships. Contact the research office if you need help If you are unsure, contact SVH RGO directly. Payment Confirmation [IF APPLICABLE] svhs.org.au/home/research-education/research-office/hrec-fees-and-payments Necessary for all external investigators and all internal and external students. Site fact sheet and consent form (e) Always on the Research Office website for the latest version of this checklist and all updates 02 8382 4960 SVHS.Research@svha.org.au Translational Research Centre, 97-105 Boundary Street Ethics Letters of authorization or e-mail communications from Lead HREC (SVH or EXTERNAL) – the letter/e-mail must list all documents that must be used on the Checklist site Specific Assessment Submissions for private sites under SVH jurisdiction of Insurance (at least AUD 20 million per event and in the annual aggregate) [APPLICABLE]

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