Xkcd Agreement

I expected to see an entry in the agreement, something like “Cookies can be used based on server hunger” 🙂 –OliReading (talk) 10:03, June 3, 2018 (UTC) The statement mentions “the agreement” in several places – my understanding of a privacy policy is that it is more of a promise than an agreement; The entity that declares the policy is bound by it, whether or not I agree with it. It sets out rules that the site operator will follow when obtaining consent, which seems to me to be different from an agreement. 17:35, 28 May 2018 (UTC) This is also a reference to cd sleeve seals that say “by tearing this seal, you accept the attached license agreement”, as it is obvious that Mephistopheles has already entered room 18:19, 25. March 2014 (UTC) Everyone agrees with my personal preferences and beliefs without question. E.U.L.A. is short for End-User License Agreement, a license that software providers often attach to their software, but that people don`t usually read. Consent to an E.U.L.A. is assumed when a user uses the software or service to which the E.U.L.A. is linked, resulting in a case in which users have unconsciously consented to give their immortal souls under a clause in an E.U.L.A. However, in the European Union, all provisions of these agreements that are not already codified by law are in fact unenforceable unless they can be read and agreed upon prior to purchase and first use. The title text is an allusion to Shakespeare`s “The Tempest,” in which the witch Sycorax imprisoned the sprite Ariel in a split jaw before Prospero rescued Ariel. Since this clause cannot be circumvented by restarting your computer, it can also reflect how difficult it often turns out to unsubscribe from confidentiality agreements and other forms to fill out on the website, for anything that may seem optional. The fact that it appears as a title text similar to a footnote, which a negligent reader of the privacy policy may not notice at first glance, can also continue the joke of unexpected little clauses hidden in the middle of a long block of Legalese that users agree not to have read..


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